TESTIMONIALS “Great read Moynesey! It sure does break down everything! Makes me happy to have you as my financial advisor, better yet my friend. Thanks for the vocab in the back, that is huge for me! Need to start to learn these words. Honestly it’s right to the point and it will help out anyone. Thanks a lot for the book! Also I didn’t know about those players and how much they lost!”

Marcus Foligno | A professional hockey player with the Minnesota Wild.
“I have been Chris’ client since 2005, and I can tell you that the Pro’s Process works!”

Pavel Kubina | A Czech born defenseman who enjoyed a successful NHL career with the Tampa Bay Lightening (where he won a Stanley Cup in 2004), the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Atlanta Thrashers and the Philadelphia Flyers.
“I had the privilege of reading your book and did so in one sitting; what a great book...I gave it to my Head Coach and he absolutely loved it. He felt it reached out to him too. We would like to get a copy of it to each of our players...”

Alain Nasreddine | A former NHL defenseman, and currently Assistant Coach of the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins of the American Hockey League.
“...I can sincerely recommend The Pro’s Process for every pro athlete or even a person who wants to become a pro athlete...because it is a solid work.”

Vesa Rantanen | Lead Sports writer and Editor of Urheilusanomat, a widely read Finnish newspaper. Its coverage focuses on Finnish players in the NHL.
“I started working with Chris late in my career and have continued into my retirement...my only regret is that I didn’t meet Chris sooner..."

Shaun Van Allen | A retired NHL player with 794 career games played.
“Finished the book...excellent. Sign me up for your Process right away. ’Count me in’ was my thought at the end of the first page, and every page thereafter! Awesome, with a gracious gesture to ‘pay it forward’...it left me on a high.”

Karen Johnson | The mom of NHL goaltender, Chad Johnson.
“Having friends on the team, we talk about who’s managing our money. You hear about advisors whom the other guys have good relationships with. I met Chris through one of my team mates, and word of mouth was the best way to find an advisor.”

“With Chris and me, right off the bat I felt a connection and we’ve become really good friends. We can talk about life and it’s not just about finances. It makes everything much easier. I hear stories all the time about other players and their families making bad decisions and being convinced to make investments by the wrong people.”

“ My wife and I meet with Chris a couple times a year. We have a plan in place to make sure that when I’m done playing we can live the lifestyle we choose for the rest of our lives.”

Matt Stajan | Professional hockey player with the Calgary Flames.“I read your quite excellent book this weekend. There are so many fantastic aspects about it: it’s not too long, lots of graphics and charts...I thought it was an incredible effort!”
“I read your quite excellent book this weekend. There are so many fantastic aspects about it: it’s not too long, lots of graphics and charts...I thought it was an incredible effort!”

Keith Thomson CFP, CIM, FSCI | Managing Director of Stonegate Private Counsel, a wealth management firm based in Toronto.
“Fantastic! Really well done. While reading, I kept looking at the front cover and couldn’t figure out the meaning of the stones. Then I came upon the Big Rocks story; very good analogy. It all makes sense now....I would love to have written a book like this, but I could not have done as good a job.”

Dave Lightner | A U.S. based financial advisor who works with over 50 PGA touring golf pros.
“ Hey Chris, did I ever tell you how great your book is! And how necessary... I think you lay out the problem and solution very well. It’s clear, it’s concise and it’s the truth! I’m sure you’ve gotten great response from this. Thank you for sending me a copy.”

Carol Alt | A former supermodel; currently an author, TV personality and partner of Alexi Yashin, former NHL player with the New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators.
“My wife and I always look forward to our regular summer Strategy Meeting with Chris. At that time, when things are less hectic for us, we are able to take time to review and ensure that our plans are on track. Then, when the season gets under way, we implement the plan on a bi-weekly pay period basis, knowing that it has been well thought out.”

Todd White | A 14 year NHL veteran.
“Congratulations on the book! I was very excited to open it up in the mail this week....you’ve come up with an easy, no nonsense guide for pro athletes. I’m sure this will be a hit for all your clients and beyond!”

Bill Scott | Assistant Manager of the Edmonton Oilers.
“The Pro’s Process is a must read for any professional athlete. Chris provides a comprehensive examination of the financial challenges players face, and offers logical, meaningful solutions that support financial security.”

Tim Fleiszer | Played ten seasons in the Canadian Football League as a defensive lineman. He won Grey Cup Championships in 1999 with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, in 2002 with the Montreal Alouettes, in 2005 with the Edmonton Eskimos and in 2007 with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He is currently a player agent.